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It’s been a long, interesting month. There’s been so much to do and so much going on without my even having to look for it, which is the opposite of what I think I expected the month to be, at the start of it; it’s been too much to make meaning of, but I have a coupla days’ leave to make what I will of it.

I have a few things to start the account with. I’ve resumed my expense tracking, and though it has been the data that I’ve been looking at with interest, I am also convinced that the exercise has changed the texture of the month. (Grid-lined, perhaps.) I will think about it tomorrow.

Accountability has been a recurring theme. The most recent manifestation of it was when I spent about half a day trying to reckon with the reality of final judgment. It’s been present in less lofty forms as well, though. I will attempt to consider this as well.

This month I’ve opened many accounts, closed a few, and am in the process of settling others.

I have not managed to write an account here. I simply used the word to go on for a bit. I will attempt to go further tomorrow, and I hold myself to account.

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