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And We Should Endeavour

I’ll limit myself to three things, for the moment.

  1. We don’t take ourselves seriously enough to feel like we have to trace the downfall of a dynasty through a selection of recent reigning authority figures. However,
  2. We can take ourselves seriously enough that it would be entirely disproportionate to feel as though the ground has fallen away from beneath our feet. To borrow a metaphor, when Barad-Dur collapsed, Middle Earth was still there, though when the Tower was standing, the fact seemed less obvious.
  3. When I walked the ground today, there was confusion, distress and, to a limited extent, even something like mortification; but there was also introspection, mutual regard, and something like humility. Both the bad things and the good things were more than I expected, and where I encountered them they had less to do with scandal than they had to do with care for things which had yet to be done and the hope of things yet to be but seemingly afar off.

The colours have not changed, and so a knight I shall continue to be.

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