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I spent about five hours reorganizing my room; it involved clearing out the over-sized desk in the room so I could substitute it with a smaller one to make the most of limited space, and shifting existing furniture around, but at the end it was worth it. The new configuration feels a lot more spacious and, as I have experienced in the past two days or so, amenable to profitable pursuits. For one, my table is less distracting, so the computer looks a lot more like a workstation. (It also helps that it is facing away from the bed.) The other result of the rearrangement that makes me happy is that I have a corner for my amp and my instruments. The prospect of practicing or playing is a much less troublesome one than it was before. The bass setup was particularly satisfying:

The other reorganization that I’ve done is with my music library. First, I skimmed it to get rid of the superfluous, improperly-labelled, unappealing and awful tracks. Next, I rechecked the tags to make sure I didn’t have doubles. I consolidated the changes, accomplishing a backup at the same time; I was intending to change the drive I was using, so the backup was a necessary intermediate step, in any case. With the backup, I experimented with using MediaMonkey, but I decided I’d stick with iTunes, since it already does my indexing, even if it is starting to take up quite a lot of system resources when it’s running.

While I was managing the library, my Sansa Clip+ was being charged for the first time. It was done about the same time I was with the library, so the next step was to install RockBox firmware. This took some figuring out. After that was accomplished, I introduced my 16GB MicroSDHC card into the player and proceeded to write the library onto it. The write took about an hour. Although I haven’t looked through all of my RockBox settings yet, it is basically ready to use. I’ve been living without a player for more than a month, ever since my splutzPod died; that sad situation, at least, has righted itself.

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