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A Purgative Experience

I’ve spent most of the past 24 hours sleeping, or, during the early hours of Thursday morning, attempting to sleep amidst persistent feelings of nausea on an observation bed in the A&E. Spending eight hours at SGH was not much fun, especially for the first five or so hours, when I was under the influence of a jab which stopped me from vomiting, but could barely manage to sleep at all because of the nausea.

At about 6 a.m. or so, I was starting to feel extremely hungry, because I had thrown up everything at about 11 p.m. or so and had been on a drip ever since, so I asked for biscuits and Milo. However, around this time, the effects of the jab were wearing off; I had thought I had nothing left to bring up, but I still managed to bring up what remained of the fluid I had in my system. (Don’t worry, I managed to make my way to the toilet in time.) Naturally, I felt wretched after having puked again, and I felt even worse when the nurse poured the Milo away and took away the biscuits after I had returned from the toilet and informed her of my ordeal. However, after that purge, I actually felt much better and was able to sleep quite comfortably while they kept me under observation.

When I left the hospital, some time before lunch, I had a bottle of water and a bottle of Ribena. Most of the subsequent hours I spent asleep. I hadn’t had a bite to eat since dinner on Wednesday until a while earlier, when I headed out for some food at about 11 p.m. It’s staying down.

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