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The Goal Is A Place

Thank God the US application process is over for me! Living with a 1/1/2011 horizon for the past few days has been a special kind of deadening, because whenever something concerning anything beyond that date came up, I’d refuse to think about it to focus on writing or whatever was present at hand. The essays flowed quite readily this week, so I suppose I should be happy about managing to make the tunnel vision-thing work rather than unhappy that I had to do it.

It’s been good because there was time to be grateful and relax, and remember; there was also the stimulation of conversation and fellowship. If you prayed and if you were a friend, thank you.

10 hours left of 2010 and I intend to live it. I will worship, and pray, and fellowship. I don’t know what the results of this venture will be, and there are still other applications to make, but at this moment I will rest from the journey.

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  1. 'neth
    31 December 2010 at 3:44 pm

    congratulations, old man. you deserve it.

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