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To Rage In Vain

In the past week I’ve had both happy and unhappy realizations. Realizations are when it becomes all very simple and all very knotty at the same time.

I pray for faith and that in the coming week I will not despair.


The title refers to Psalm 2, which I studied this week. One of the spectacles presented to us is the ultimate futility of earthly struggle; I do not think the right response is apathy, but rather the realization that whether a thing is of ultimate consequence is not a matter of our will. There are things worth the expenditure of our effort and will, but we need to be wise about what they are.

As I consider the portrayals and manifestations of vain rage, upheaval and hubris (I have in mind the siege and conquest of Troy, Denethor on his pyre and the airstrikes commanded by a certain leader on his followers), I imagine the spectre of despair stalking the ones expending themselves in their burning rage.

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