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At the end of the weekend, I am filled with gratitude and wonder at the goodness and greatness of my God. It is love in its many ways and forms, love from every quarter, that He has made me to know in such concentrated succession over the past three days, and all of this amidst sadness, fear, tiredness and brokenness not only in myself but all around me. To be in this love is blessedness.

And to all friends, brothers and sisters in love, comrades, teachers and mentors who have yet to hear from me, I send my best regards. I keep up with some of you, and I haven’t with others, but to all I am equally in debt, and what I owe I would give if I had; but in the mean time, I’ll keep up where I can (I’ve fallen dangerously in arrears in the past few weeks), and trust that that which I leave unpaid will return to you many fold, because our God is good.

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