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The Summer

What a long time it’s been since I last wrote here! Much has happened and more is going on, but this is the rare moment in which I find myself both at sufficient remove from present pursuits and with mind enough to reflect.

The only excuse I can offer is that in the past few months, it’s so often felt like everything was up in the air, and I could barely keep pace, much less get perspective. In that time, I stopped work, moved out from home and into college, prepared to restart school life, had my first classes and fell in love. Sometime in the middle of that I lost my phone; that inconvenience proved particularly troublesome.

Generally, though, I’ve been having so much to thank God for every day. In the course of things, there were many turns I did not know to expect, but I find I am in a better place than I struck for.

The college applications process didn’t go at all as I would have preferred, and at the end of all waiting periods, I had one solid offer. I had adjusted my expectations accordingly during the waiting period, and when the waiting was conclusively over, I was mostly grateful to be able to begin preparing for my next stage of life in earnest. The strange thing was, ‘conclusive’ wasn’t what I thought it was, and a last-minute offer (from an institution from which I had earlier received a rejection) plunged me into my orientation programme before I even had time to rearrange my schedule.

The stress from all the loose ends I’d been forced to leave untied was at the back of my mind during my orientation, and I did not expect to come out of it as happy as I was: but I was surprised. The new campus, the prospect of the freedom to be fully engaged in study and college life, the dedication of the leaders to make a good vision become reality: I had not expected to find this, and yet I was placed in it.

Subsequently, I tied up whatever loose ends I could, moved into college and went for my first classes. (I hope you made the leap.) My first class in years is one I’ll remember for a long time to come, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my semester so far. God’s work in the most important relationships in my life has been indispensable to the state I’ve been enjoying, and I continue to hold Him at His promise (lest I forget, or faith falters).

In the past coupla weeks I’ve pretty much settled into this stage of my life, and my thoughts are turning outward; yet another thing I’ve been doing recently is seeing a number of my friends off at the airport as they begin their outward journeys. In the northern hemisphere it is autumn, but where I am in life feels more like summer: so I should labour, not for myself, but with the hope of the increase.

I’ve barely managed to describe the content of my life in the past few months, and I have, for practical purposes, been looking at it as if through the wrong end of a telescope. I have fixed the view narrowly on myself at the expense of the people in my life, but (and here I beg your pardon) suffice it to say that I’ve had the fortune of being able to rely on the unremitting support and generosity of friends in situations of need.

Yet it would be impossible to live as though all is sweet, and here I remember the things that have soured, and the bitter tastes left behind.

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