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Long Runs and the Long Run

I spent much of yesterday talking about a bunch of things related to the community that’s been my prime concern with those I feel most closely committed to. I was also quite consistently high on caffeine and consistently ingesting sugar the whole day. Perhaps that, combined with the guilt from consuming many cookies over the holiday, was what prompted me to go on a long run last night. I started off without a clear route in mind, but I think the eventual programme reflects what the day was like.

Presenting: the USP Partner Faculty Run!
(Sorry Law students, my endurance will need to improve before I’m able to do the complete version of this.)

  1. Cinnamon College
  2. EduSports Hub
  3. Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
  4. Faculty of Engineering T-Lab
  5. NUSSU sign outside Yusof Ishak House
  6. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences/Central Library
  7. NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House
  8. Bus Stop at School of Computing/School of Business
  9. Yusof Ishak House
  10. University Hall
  11. Faculty of Science S6 (Science Library block)
  12. SRC Car Park
  13. UTown Residences
  14. Cinnamon College

Warm down at USP amphitheatre.

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