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Cool Exchange Activities List

I have a life! Really! Not just of the mind!

But October has been a fun month, even though (as I’ve said elsewhere) that might not be my strong suit.

Some Notable Moments

1. Watching Jeffrey Zeigler play cello at the Concert Hall on a Friday night. The last song was composed by Glenn Kotche (yes, FROM WILCO), and it was magical.

2. Going for Carleton’s TEDx that same weekend. There were a number of impressive talks about anything from the inspiration of yoghurt and the co-op model, to some really exciting cancer research

TEDx Carleton College

3. Watching my second ever sketch comedy show, this one of the work of David Ives.

4. Weekend in St. Paul! I saw the banks of the Mississippi in autumn, took a walk down some of the nicest avenues and houses in the country, had some good coffee and a good pretzel bun, had a fantastic coffee stout, and saw the first tiny dusting of snow for the winter on the morning I left. I also visited Macalester College (where my host studies), and saw a bit of St. Thomas University.

Bell's Java Stout

5. Caught my first movie in the States at AMC Theaters in Roseville (Don Jon).

6, Attended the Q&A session moderated by my erstwhile English Prof. with Salman Rushdie.

Salman Rushdie Q&A

7. And finally, this hour-longer weekend, I watched Ender’s Game in Lakeville and saw the Second City All-Stars improv comedy troupe at Carleton.


This weekend also saw the release of Darkness, a Russian Imperial Stout from Surly Brewing Co. in Minnesota. I was lucky enough to catch it on tap at the pub in town. There have been other beer-ventures.

As I am already most of the way done with presuming your interest, I might as well finish strongly.

Northfield’s been a really good place to find a different rhythm. I’ve been walking a lot around the river and the town, and around the College too. I’ve been enjoying just worrying about classes and homework and stuff. It leaves space to think.

Classes have been good. I feel like it’s been no trouble at all getting into the swing of syntax or phon-phon (as my syntax prof put it). Credit, certainly, to passionate teachers.

More recently I’ve been working on my cases for the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl. It’s kinda like a debate, except there’s no for/against, and we don’t know the specific question we’re arguing until we’re in the room. What it looks like I’m aiming for at the moment is demonstrating why the questions I identify are the central ones, rather than some other potentially misleading questions. If anyone’s interested to take a look at the team’s occasional notes and discussions, drop me a note and I’ll send an invite.

To wrap it up, Skype, postcards, FB chat, and eating spicy food (including a really nice Mexican salsa) are some of the ways I remember home.

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