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Chicago (Day 1): Arrival

Tuesday, 26 November. Index.

First there was an 8-hour car-ride – major props to Chrissie, who was driving; I was lucky and slept 3 hours, and happily DJ-ed another two-or-so hours.

Next, I checked in, and sorted out my phone issues with AT&T. The hostel was really nice, way beyond expectations, and I had a good time meeting people in the common area. In fact, my dinner recommendation for the first night (and first foray out of the hostel) came from a fellow traveler from Kaohsiung. We walked out for deep-dish from Lou Malnati’s, and visited a kinda hipster bookstore while waiting for food. I struggled to explain the meaning of ‘hipster’ in Chinese, but after I geeked out over a few books (including a particular instance of why one book was underrated compared to another one by the same author) he said he thought he understood. I found that Leo was really into languages – he seems to be fluent in Spanish, he knows Japanese, and seems to know some German, in addition to English and Chinese – and I was glad when we found the section with language books.


It was back to the hostel for dinner (my first meal of the day, because I woke up late, not having actually slept) after the food was ready – Lou Malnati’s deep-dish pizza, with some Full Sail winter ale that I had on me from Northfield. I met even more people in the common room while having dinner, including Sangho, who was making delicious peanut pancakes for his Kaplan language class:


And that was all for the day.

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