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Winter Journey

I spent quite some time during fall term sorting through travel plans and working out a final route, and while that gave me a vague sense of how big this journey is supposed to feel, upon actually embarking, I felt quite unready, if only because of the three term paper submissions and lack of sleep that marked the end of term. This is an index post for my logs.


My days in Chicago are the start of this 6-week journey alone. I think I’ve been happy overall, and Chicago is a charming city.

Interim Post: Update from the Middle [December 16]

By the time I posted this, I’d been through Chicago, Ann Arbor, San José, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. I wrote this on the flight to Newark International from San Francisco, where I would be meeting my relatives to stay over Christmas and the New Year.

Ann Arbor

San José (Ethics Bowl)

By the time I wrote this, I was back at Carleton for Winter Term.

San Francisco, Part 1

Completed by the first week of Spring Term!

More to come.

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