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Chicago – Ann Arbor (Day 7): Transit

2 December. Index.

My final day in Chicago was pretty short, owing to my slightly late rising, the need to pack, and the Greyhound I had to catch. In between, what was the highlight of the day was lunch with my friend from Carleton, Su Kim.


Lunch was at a Korean restaurant near Lincoln Square. We had the first oysters I’d eaten in quite a while. I enjoyed lunch, and we stayed for quite a while. Life at Carleton can be too busy to afford that much in the way of leisurely sit-down lunches (and maybe especially for freshmen), so I was glad for the time.

After lunch we walked around the square a bit, and we endeavored to find some postcards, though sadly without great success. Su dropped me off at the CTA, and I made my way to the Greyhound station with no trouble.

From the station the next stop was Ann Arbor, via Kalamazoo (not a substantial stop, unfortunately; Kalamazoo is home to Bell’s Brewery). At Ann Arbor, I met someone I was very glad to see.


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