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Ann Arbor (Days 8 – 10): Not-So-Small Towns

3-5 December. Index.

In my mind, the time in Ann Arbor is mainly associated with Darrell. Aside from the fact that he was my gracious host, I’d been looking forward to a visit since settling in to life in Minnesota. My visit was also unexpectedly well-timed, as I happened to be in over Darrell’s birthday.

The town and especially the university at Ann Arbor are a lot bigger than I’d experienced at Carleton (which is to be expected, given the relative population sizes, etc.). On my first day in town, Darrell showed me around the various buildings on campus, including the museum and the various libraries. (Whereas Carleton has just the one not-particularly-large library.) We ended up working in the rather grand grad library. (Darrell was still in the midst of his academic semester, and I was reading and writing up some stuff for the upcoming Ethics Bowl.) In the evening, I headed out for walk across town.

Ann Arbor 1

I ended up picking up some of this year’s Breakfast Stout from Founder’s Brewing Co., before ending up at Starbucks to continue writing up stuff for the Ethics Bowl, as well as to conspire with some agents in Singapore, who had prepared a birthday surprise for Darrell. I was to reveal it once we got back to the dorm, which I duly did while getting recording of his reaction. We stayed up for much more of the night, listening to at least four versions of ‘Clarity’ (his favorite song at the time), and generally catching up about Chicago (he’d also recently been), further travel plans, school, and, of course, USP.

This was also the night when I made the bad decision to eat the blueberry muffins which I’d carried on the bus from Chicago. Said blueberry muffins incapacitated me for much of the next day.

Eventually, though, they found their way out of my system, pretty much just in time for me to prepare for my meet-up with my Ethics Bowl teammate, Sarah, for some discussion about our cases.

(I am short of photos generally; this was one result of the food poisoning.)

After dinner, the night went by much like the previous one, with more catching up, and lots of time spent listening to music in between.

On my final day in Ann Arbor, I made one more venture into the town. The walk turned out to be very nice.

Ann Arbor 3

One conversation I had at a later time in New York was about building heights in the downtown area of small towns. I estimated Ann Arbor’s to be 4 and Northfield’s to be 2. My friend, who’d been at William & Mary, estimated Williamsburg to be at 3.

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