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San Francisco (Day 13): Pacifica

8 December. Index.

We checked out from the inn at various times in the morning. I was due at the CalTrain station for another ride north.

My appointment was with Abby’s sister and her husband at Broadway station, and I was due for a family lunch at the Shapiro residence in Pacifica. From the station, it was a short drive up north, with views of the Pacific.


I’d met Abby Shapiro in Singapore. We’d met at Living Waters, and I found that she had been living three levels above me in Cinnamon College. We’d chatted online while I was in Chicago, the day after Thanksgiving. Abby was (still is, actually) in Dominica, doing work with the Peace Corps. During the chat, she told me about the Thanksgiving dinner that the volunteers had together, away from home but with as much tradition as could be summoned. At some point, I’d mentioned that I’d spent a quiet night in (incidentally, the night I started writing this series on my travels) with some food I’d prepared on my own, after a short jaunt downtown (i.e. the Loop in Chicago, although most of the shops were closed). I mention this because when I arrived for lunch, I found that the Shapiros had specially procured a pumpkin pie, which, I was informed, was on Abby’s orders. In addition to the pumpkin pie, there was a great ham, which had been prepared by Dr. (Mrs.) Shapiro.

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