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Santa Barbara (Day 16): Sunset on the Coast

It is a good half-a-year on from the time I started this mostly day-by-day account. I remember a good deal nevertheless, and I will attempt not to surrender it.

The train ride on the Coast Starlight was long and frustratingly slow at many points (my first experience with AMTRAK), but the main compensation for this was in the spectacular view over some of the segments of the track nearing Santa Barbara. Because of the delays, we arrived around sunset.

Another memory of interest from the train-ride was the conversation with my travelling companion, a student at UC Santa Barbara. He mentioned that he was into electro and DJ stuff, and I got to share A-Trak’s remix of this Phoenix song, which I’d been listening to a lot through Fall Term. I heard about one of his school T-shirts reading UCSB for ‘U Can Study Buzzed’.

After the train pulled in to Santa Barbara, I made my way to the hostel. It was near or past midnight by this time. I hadn’t had very much food on the train (if you’re going to take the AMTRAK, bring your lunch, I say), so I made my way out hoping to find something open. It turns out there were a number of places open within a few streets, which was fortunate because I’d changed out of my travelling clothes into shorts and a light T-shirt in the hostel, because of how relatively warm Santa Barbara had felt. It was, however, still winter, and I was soon feeling cold. I found a shop to warm up in soon enough, though, and according to my expense records, I ended up with a chorizo bagel sandwich.

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