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Santa Barbara (Day 18): At the Granada

I woke up somewhat earlier this day. After a quick shower, I made a brief circuit of the neighbourhood, picking up brunch from a taqueria nearby. (The chicken taco was amazing.) I brought my lunch back to the little deck on top of the hostel, and spent the morning writing postcards. I’d picked up a bunch of them over my first few stops, and I had a long list of intended recipients which I unfortunately never finished writing.

It took quite a while to finish the few that I wrote, and by the time I was done it was mid-afternoon. Like the day before, I was aiming for one of the breweries between the hostel and main street. Today’s was Telegraph Brewing Co.


The beer was very good, but some sort of event was going on, and the place was rather more crowded than Figueroa Mountain, so I didn’t stay very long. It was nevertheless about evening-time when I left, and the walk through town was, again, very pretty.



I stopped to pick up stamps and drop off postcards somewhere, before Norton’s Pastrami again for dinner.


After dinner, it was the concert proper at the Granada Theater.


Watching Jeff Tweedy play, I was marvelling throughout at the skill of the master. On the guitar, every attack and resonance seemed to say something, and I was amazed at the player’s/instrument’s range. This mastery in expression was more than matched in the vocal performance as well.


Overall, it was quite the dream for this Wilco fan.

I stood outside the tour bus for some time after the concert, with a few other fans. Jeff Tweedy remained elusive, however.

After the wait was the walk back through town, which was quiet at this hour.

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