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Santa Barbara – San Francisco (Day 19): Retour

I was due to take the AMTRAK back to Jack London Square in Oakland in the late morning. From the trip south, I knew that the views of the coastline were close to my departure point in Santa Barbara. We’d passed them in the night-time on the way down, however, and as I passed it again the light of day I realized I’d missed how very close we were to the water.


The rest of the ride past quite uneventfully. I tried to sleep as much as I can, the train was stopped at points (as usual), and I ended up arriving in Oakland about two hours later than scheduled. Despite the fact, my friend J was still up to meet me.

J had been at school in the area at UC Berkeley, and so, at about 1 a.m. that night, he drove us out there to look around the campus. I didn’t mind, since I’d mostly tried to sleep on the train. Furthermore, I was hungry, and I was promised food. The promised food included the best fried rice I’d had in America.


After some time looking around the campus, catching up, and picking up more food (bubble tea, popcorn chicken), J drove us back across the bridge to San Francisco for the night.



Actually, along the way, we did stop for a view of the city from a peak.


And, once we were back, we opened up a bottle of something I’d picked up from Telegraph in Santa Barbara.


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