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Boston (Day 26): Catching the T

I took an early bus out of New York, picking up breakfast from a little cart for a coupla bucks on the way to the stop.


It was a few hours’ ride north, but I managed to sleep most of the way. I arrived in Boston shortly after noon, and made my way from South Station to the hotel where I was to meet T, who’d arrived just shortly before I did. We checked in and headed out for lunch in downtown Boston.


In the previous year, T and I had served in the student government together. After lunch, we visited our friend J at his campus. Between the snow and the evening light, the place was quite beautiful.


J was also a friend from school. He’d served in the student organization in the years before T and I did. After our walk around campus, we stopped by J’s home for a bit, before dinner at IHOP.

Although we hadn’t run around much, between the three of us we’d done a whole lot of catching up about plans, projects, people, and everything else we’d once been neck-deep in, and I suppose this was tiring after its own fashion. After we took our leave from our friend, T and I caught the T (Greater Boston’s subway system) back for an early night.

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