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Hazardous Characters #0

I’ve not written a summative/reflective post in a long time, and though this is not an attempt in earnest: It’s been incredibly enriching doing many things, meeting many people, being many places, reading many books, over the past 2-3 years or so. I’ve barely stopped enough to think on it all – well, really, I’ve often procrastinated even thinking about it, perhaps especially when it involves writing it down somewhere (postcards, emails, etc.).

Part of what’s behind that procrastination is a creeping anticipation of it all potentially ending – basically an inarticulate anxiety.

Another part of it is that the actual preparation for an ending followed by some yet-to-be-determined follow-up is – well, something that can be procrastinated.

I suppose part of the confusion here is that even a lot of the ‘actual’ preparation isn’t quite that either; a lot of it is administrative, and needs to get done. These get tangled up with the loads of other purportedly preparatory things which seem like they need to get done, but are really best regarded as well-meaning advice, because how on earth can we really become more prepared than we already know how to be for a future of doing things, meeting people, being places, and reading books? Apart from finding out.

So a fair amount of time has been spent thinking about ways to be persons and go places (as compared to the meeting people, being places, etc.), some fruitfully and some not, but I figure I might as well record and develop the odd reverie.

(At the moment, I have #1 in mind, and one or two contenders from #2…)

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