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Hazardous Characters #1

Growing up in Singapore quite satisfied with what the built-up city had to offer, I’d never imagined myself as a zoologist, botanist, or anything of the sort before. But, for a good moment, I couldn’t shake off the line that had taken hold: ‘Ideas are strange beasts.’ Where they come from, what they do, the places you find them, the ways they fracture, layer, and reconstitute themselves – culture, basically.

And the medium is language, and metaphor, and perhaps the things behind metaphor (whatever they may be). And the runes for all of these, in carbon or silicon.

And I can see where this idea might have come from:

  • Earlier tonight, looking at pictures of strange beasts on the wall at the exhibition, and browsing the artist’s library (a bestiary, new myths, Histories, sci-fi…) laid out on the table in front of the wall.
  • Earlier this week, reading about cribs in piano-playing and socializing.
  • Last year, writing an essay that essentially sought to demonstrate that treating ideologies as non-abstract thingies was cognitively useful…
  • (It just gets more chaotic.)

So he studies how the medium(s) work, but he’s more a zoologist.

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  1. Derek Lim
    9 January 2015 at 3:46 pm
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