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(In)definiteness in Singlish

While writing chapter 4, I ended up having to precisely specify the parameters of a search over a space, and ended up writing a section that wound up being Appendix B.

Having un-knotted that theoretical tangle, it remained to tie up the rest of the analysis, which I produced in a relatively short time. The past week of writing has flown by quite quickly.

Last night I wrote through the night and through breakfast.

The last stretch, through a haze of tiredness: moving all the excess material into an auxiliary file, then making a conclusion. I started on the acknowledgements, then the abstract. (Later I felt like I wasn’t sure who wrote the abstract.)

But I got everything submitted at 11:25 a.m – this was dutifully recorded at the EL department office. Early after all!


Then I slept.

In the evening I reviewed my writing again. I read the abstract and found it was actually pretty serviceable.

After dinner I read the rest of it.

Especially because chapters 5 and 6 were made quite quickly, and because I wrote the last bits without feeling entirely sure about whether I was awake in my body, I was slightly anxious about what I’d find; but aside from finding that page 33 was a bit of a mess (a misplaced parenthesis, some missing words) I’m quite willing to endorse what I found. 

So, I’m happy, and happy with it.

1. Leaving the office, I swung by the EL Honours Room, dropped by the library to trade in my tomes on grammar and semantics (oh, faithful companions) for The Dictionary of the Khazars and The City & The City. I took a walk to engin Macs for a packet of french fries, which I consumed on the walk back to UTown. I’d put on Punch Brothers to listen to, then realized that the song was ‘Familiarity‘, and that definiteness is familiarity.

2. While waiting for lunch with #04-107, I sat down somewhere to try to read, but I ended up nodding off in a chair somewhere else. I woke up for a glorious 麻辣鍋.

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