I am a follower of Christ. I strive to follow well as I live on this earth.

I love music. I play the piano, and I love Brahms’ piano pieces (klavierstücke) and Bach’s keyboard works. I love the sound of the orchestra, but I may love the sound of the band more. I played the trombone in the band for a wonderful six years. I admire the music of contemporary composer Eric Whitacre. I picked up the bass in three weeks to accompany my talented guitarist friend for a concert. I am an avid listener of rock and other contemporary music; I can be a snob about pop, though. Of all the bands I love, I think I’d most like to be Wilco.

I once crafted a statement of my work ethic: If I can, I will, unless I shouldn’t. That pretty much covers it. It also applies if there is good to be done outside of work.

I am currently a student of the humanities.

I drink too much coffee.

My Life So Far
(Written on 20 February 2012.)

Born in 1990, I’ve lived in Singapore since birth. My mother started me on music early, and I took piano lessons from the time I was five.

I enrolled in the Anglo-Chinese School when I was six, and was a student in that great institution for twelve years. I joined the band when I was twelve, and my love for music grew from there. The band was the beneficiary of much of the care and effort of my teenage years, and naturally the experience shaped me. I was fortunate to observe and learn from great musicians, organizers and leaders, and I had a great mentors. I had the opportunity to perform in places around the world.

I became a Christian when I was fourteen, and without the faith God has given me and the love that I have known, I’d not be who I am. Over the years, there were many people in school, the band and the church whom I grew to appreciate very much.

When I was eighteen, I enlisted in the army for National Service. I took to military life well enough, so I was able to benefit from the training. I grew stronger and more confident. I was sergeant in a training school for most of my time in service. Although my mission was to instill a sense of the worth of duty and service to the nation in my charges, I found that I best served the nation by serving them well. I learned that in the capacity in which I was employed, I would do better work with warmth than with brightness.

I was released from service after twenty-two months, and in the months that followed, I worked part-time while waiting to decide the arrangements for my further education. As a pianist, I taught a beginning student and worked as an accompanist. I worked as a teaching assistant for computer art courses at a primary school for a few months. I temped as a receptionist for one day, which was just enough for me to learn how to process various forms of payment and about the various operations (receipts, call records, etc.) that go on behind the counter.

My months of loosely-structured life came to an end in August last year as I prepared to begin my undergraduate course. I am currently in the midst of my studies.

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