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31 December 2014 Leave a comment

Earlier tonight the word brought to mind: wooden benches along school corridors, weapons-handling drills, discourse analysis, and eventually a song.

Before the song came to mind, I was looking for a split-difference in the string ‘remediate’: where might ‘re-mediate’ deviate from ‘remediate’?

I expect mud somewhere down the road, though in the meantime I would that ‘remedy’ (v.) and ‘remediate’ (v. to mean ‘re-mediate’) run separate courses – but seeing as the analysis of ‘remediate’ as a back-formation of ‘remediation’ (with a ‘remedy’ base) is no less likely, I reckon I’d be better off hoping something else.

Further cause for disquiet: ‘remedying’ is even less well-attested than ‘remediation’, and we might have to come to terms with ‘re-mediation’.

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