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I Know A Place

14 December 2010 1 comment

Where I go when I’m low usually feels like the city.

Bonus points if you’ve watched ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ or if you’re going for Laneway 2010 in Singapore city.

More bonuses:

There are few things like a good, buttery croissant.

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Ripples & Reverberations

7 October 2010 Leave a comment

These are water drops and their traces. There are drops, but some are trickles, and some are crystal silence.

Things are still, and suddenly they are moving, and they settle, or the surface is displaced by something bigger.

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13 September 2010 Leave a comment

In my first ever ‘Music Heals The Soul‘ post, I wrote that ‘anodyne’ was a word I could probably use properly even if I couldn’t tell you the definition. It’s been a long time since then.

Anything but restlessness.

(The best that I could make of things was forgetfulness, but, really, every way is the wrong way; forgetfulness is just easier.)

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On A (Really Retro) Sunday Morning

1 August 2010 2 comments

I’m near the end of my tour of duty, and because I had an early morning, I’ve been enjoying my time in musical space. I’ve been re-crossing the same regions in the past week, so eventually I put it together.

Things have been going, it seems, back in time. Stuff from The O.C. and my initial experience of the wave of Canadian bands has been playing a lot on my iPod this week.

I started off at the bright lights, but I’m out of the area pretty quickly, and it’s mainly retro-time from there. Sufjan Steven starts the drive, and we hear him again before things start winding down.

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For The Journey

18 July 2010 Leave a comment

Looking out windows on the journey from the eastern island listening to James Murphy sing, ‘Take me home.’

Rover, boat, bus, train, taxi.

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I Find Shelter (In This Place)

12 April 2010 Leave a comment

I spent the productive hours of today speaking over the noise of engines at a clip to match the impatience of the bus drivers. Being in my usual activated state for a battery of tours is typically strenuous enough, but the strain was compounded by the weather. The only word to describe the heat is ‘debilitating’, and I crashed after the tours and associated business were over.

But today was one of those rather luxurious work days, luxurious because it ends properly and doesn’t drag, where one can do what one will with the remaining hours. There’ll be few of these days left in the months to come, and I’ll have progressively more typical ones starting soon. Being aware of this situation and the environment at a less-than-fully conscious level prompted my ensconcing-instinct to kick in.

So I found shelter from the heat of the sun and the anticipation of labor, first in a regenerative sleep, and, later when I woke, in the kinds of things one tends to enjoy alone. (Some things have the virtue of tending not to work well in groups.)

But savor with me the experience of waking up replenished with the prospect of a few hours of private leisure ahead. I took a measured walk to dinner, taking care to breathe the good air. I revived over said dinner, had the after-dinner drink and coffee, and put this together:

Quiet; bracing. The two big words for this list could be said even for track 1 alone. Thereafter, the keys segue quite peacefully: A, E, D, C and finally B. Things soar a little bit after 5., but the tone is always even. At the end, ‘Yankee – Hotel – Foxtrot’ is lost in static.

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So Echo-o-o, Echo Out Loud!

11 March 2010 Leave a comment

This owes its existence to my having had access to a set of speakers that are good for filling a square with.

Music Heals The Soul #3

  1. Electrico – Hello
  2. Electrico – Hip City
  3. Electrico – All The World (ft. Rivermaya)
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Hysteric
  6. Wilco – Impossible Germany
  7. Wilco – One Wing
  8. Wilco – A Shot In The Arm

Tactile, warm strings, lift and space from synth pads and well-tuned drums, and basically the sense that sound changes the space it travels through set the stage for things like the guitar solo in ‘Impossible Germany’.

The late night and the almost-empty barracks in a removed camp on a removed island are things I’ve come to find both oppressive and liberating, but when the air is filled with good sound, the emptiness disappears. And it is good for the soul.

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