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Warren (Days 21-23): Rest at Hearth

29 June 2014 Leave a comment

Since the start of this series, I’d been through Chicago and Ann Arbor, and then San Jose, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. Now I was due to fly to New Jersey to stay with relatives for the remainder of the break – though I had also planned a short trip through New York and Boston while I was in the east.

J dropped me off at the airport, and I when I was arrived, my uncle (technically, my mother’s cousin) and cousin (his daughter) were there to meet me. It was about an hour’s drive to the house in Warren, NJ, where I met the rest of the family, and settled in for the rest of the night – though, really, the next couple of days. In truth, by this point, I think I had accumulated some fatigue from previous travels, and so I was ready for a pause. Thanks to my aunt and uncle’s family, it was a very warm, comfortable, and generously victualled pause. In moving from the west to the east coast as well, I’d moved into winter proper, and so the warmth was richly appreciated as well.

This initial pause would be a short one, however. I arrived in New Jersey on the 16th, and I left for New York on the morning of the 19th.

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