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Boston – Warren (Day 28): Via New York

10 July 2014 Leave a comment

We had a leisurely breakfast and check-out the next morning. Both of us were headed to the bus station, my friend bound for New York to meet friends of his (mutual friends, actually), and myself bound for my relatives’ home eventually, though I was also travelling through the city.

The bus ride back ended up being somewhat longer than the bus ride north, due to traffic. It was properly dinner time when I finally arrived in the city.


Between leaving the bus and catching the train to New Jersey, I caught dinner at Five Guys somewhere near Penn Station.


The burger and the peanut oil fries were both richly memorable.

In New Jersey, my aunt picked me up from the train station.


This will be my last day-numbered post in this series on Winter 2013. I did stay a couple of weeks more with my relatives, over Christmas and New Year’s Day, and perhaps more from those days will make it up here, but, by and large, what follows is quality time with family and friends, with the time in between taken at a really leisurely pace under all-too-agreeable (can one feel too warm and well-fed over Christmas?) living conditions – all in all, I felt, the best way I might’ve spent the holidays.

I left for the start of winter term at school a couple of days into 2014.


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